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Business Growth through Brand Identity

What you can learn from Silicon Valley Companies about Brand Development

It’s tempting to believe that it is products that set brands such as Starbucks, Apple, or Google apart. But was it really the quality of their cappuccino that turned Starbucks into a $22 billion dollar company?

Silicon Valley Companies have long invested in creating ravishing brand identities to attract and retain customers and grow their business. Starbucks has capitalized on creating a brand that focuses on the idea of connecting people. Their “third place”, a place between home and work, became brand- and business defining.

It’s simple why investing in brand is so compelling: with an oversaturated market in almost every industry, brand is a key factor to stand out, connect to an audience, and scale a business.

There are many companies that fabricate shoes, but it’s NIKE that suggests their shoe will make you active, fit, and literally jump into life (“Just do it!”).

This workshop will help participants:

  • Understand how innovative Silicon Valley companies use branding to build trust, attract and retain customers, and grow their business.
  • Define company values that add to customer identities.
  • Prototype ideas for framing products or features in narratives that resonate with customers.
  • Launch and establish a ravishing brand identity customers connect with.
  • Grow and scale their brand over time to enhance business success.

Innovative Communication

How brands like Uber, Airbnb, and Google attract and retain customers through communication

Communication is key to attracting customers, connecting with your audience, and building a brand that thrives in today’s competitive landscape. For brands like Uber, Airbnb, and Google, communication has been closely interlinked with storytelling.

People are no longer buying products, they are buying into values that are illustrated by a story. Stories present an opportunity to relate to an event or a person, to feel with someone, or to see yourself in someone else’s story. It is stories that create closeness, connection, and growth.

If the lion doesn’t tell his story, the hunter will.
(African Proverb)

Companies are telling stories that customers can tell themselves and with that are creating a connection between a business and a place that has been kept out of the workplace for the longest time: the heart.

This workshop will help participants:

  • Understand how innovative companies in Silicon Valley are using communication to build trust, attract and retain customers, and grow their business.
  • Identify how their customers are communicating and develop a framework for engaging with their customers.
  • Develop a story around their key product or values to connect with their audience.
  • Scale their brand by using storytelling as a growth tool.

Create feelings, not products

What Silicon Valley brands understand about emotions

People don’t buy products, they buy feelings. Yes, customers are interested, if a product works, how it looks, what the company values are. But they are even more interested in how a product makes them feel.

Designing products that trigger positive emotions is a key task for business growth these days. While designing for emotions has always been a concern for game designers, it has become an essential element for business growth and development for any brand today.

This workshop will help participants:

  • Understand what emotional design is and why it is key to business success
  • Explore how frameworks by design leaders such as Don Norman (“Three Levels of Design”) can help with their user experience design challenges.
  • Identify existing brand characteristics and strengths, and outline ideas on how to tell a core brand story that customers can tell themselves.
  • Prototype how to integrate positive emotional experiences
  • Design and launch a new, emotionally focused, user experience and determine next steps in their brand trajectory.

All of the Above is a Brand Agency based in Vienna and San Francisco.

“Rebecca: Not a forgotten Hitchcock movie but a great and inspirational storyteller in her own right. Rebecca sparked an ongoing conversation on how to develop the narrative of the Vodafone brand further.”

Gregor Gründgens,
Brand Director Vodafone

“Her approach to storytelling is more powerful than I could imagine!”

Dr. Alexander Frech
Vice President, Austrian Post AG

“I admit I am a fan. She made me one within the first hour I knew her, because what she brought to the table was … extraordinary."

Georg Wachberger
Business Channel, Erste Bank AG

“She gets what's happening in SiliconValley. Bringing these strategies to Europe would be priceless!”

Senior Data Scientist, Verizon Media

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