“Rebecca: Not a forgotten Hitchcock movie but a great and inspirational storyteller in her own right. Rebecca sparked an ongoing conversation on how to develop the narrative of the Vodafone brand further.”

Gregor Gründgens, Brand Director Vodafone

„Rebecca war lange in den USA und hat im Silicon Valley Story-Strategien kennengelernt, die sie nun nach Europa bringt. Die Zusammenarbeit war eine große Bereicherung für unser Projekt!“

Maria Seifert-Gasteiger, Österreichische Bundesbahnen (ÖBB)

„Her approach to storytelling is more powerful than I could imagine!“

Alexander Frech, Vice President, Austrian Post AG

“She gets what’s happening in SiliconValley. Bringing these strategies to Europe would be priceless!“

Lali, Senior Data Scientist, Verizon Media

“I admit I am a fan. She made me one within the first hour I knew her, because what she brought to the table was … extraordinary.“

Georg Wachberger, Business Channel, Erste Bank AG

„Rebecca’s expertise in modern communication strategies as well as her international experience make her an invaluable asset to Lauder Business School. She offers our students new insights and gives them the motivation to excel in the business world.“

Alexander Zirkler, Executive Director, Lauder Business School

„Brand building has changed significantly in the last few years, and Rebecca is someone who gets it.“

Mike Kreaden, Salesforce

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